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Can I book a picnic last minute?


We require at least 7 days notice for a picnic booking. This is to secure florals, and to create a picnic design based on your style!

What is not included with the picnic?


We do not provide food, beverages or ice. However, we provide you with recommendations on where to order graze boards or other catering options to be delivered to your picnic.


Can I bring my own food?


Absolutely! However, we give you recommendations to caterers that can take care of delivering food to your picnic so that you simply arrive & enjoy!


Is alcohol allowed?


Picnics and Posies does not provide any alcoholic beverages. Most beaches and parks prohibit alcohol. Picnics and Posies will not be held responsible for any alcohol consumption or for any penances occurred. 

Where do you set up? 


We have a list of our preferred locations. If you have a preferred location, it must be  close to vehicle access. If your preferred location is outside of Santa Barbara, Goleta or Montecito, there will be additional costs. 

We do not offer Hendry's , Summerland, Butterfly or Hammonds Beach. 

Why do you need a park permit?

We must obtain a Permit for any Santa Barbara city parks and beaches (Shoreline, La Mesa, Mission Rose Garden, Etc). If inquiring for these locations, please give us a minimum of two weeks notice. 

These locations are subject to availability. 


What if it rains?


We Santa Barbarians don’t have to worry about bad weather too often. If the weather forecast predicts rain, we will have you contact us to reschedule or change the destination to an indoor location.  


Oops! What if I ruin something?


If any rental item is either missing or damaged, we will charge a replacement fee. 

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